With the worldwide pandemic effecting events globally, we've developed 'Contactless Check-In' to ensure that your staff and guests all remain as safe as possible.  Please contact us for a demo.

The complete operating suite to build and execute seamless experiences.

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Robust Event Calendar

Whether it's a single event in a single location or hundreds of events spanning the country, mange them all from one central location.

Fleet Management

The vehicles needed for an event may be in one location, or scattered throughout the country.  Find them quickly and make smart planning decisions.  Locate and pull available vehicles from other teams and other fleets.  Know where your cars are at all times.

Every event is made up of many building blocks...

Vehicle Assignments & Usage
Pre- and Post-Event Marketing



Build your events the way you want to build them.

Customer Management

At the core of every experience is the audience.  Care for the entire lifecycle of your guests.  From registration online, to on-site check-in, to post-event touch points, you can manage it all from your dashboard.

Contactless Check-in

Set-up a kiosk for self check-in, or customers can scan themselves in even faster.  Move people along quickly while keeping your attendees and your staff safe.

Allow guests to book online.


Guests can register for a single event or sift through and choose from multiple events.


Customize each experience and present comprehensive options.


Offer upgrades and add-ons, even sub-events within your main event.


If applicable, accept payment in advance, processed by Stripe, the industry leader.

All of the solutions you need to execute seamless experiences from start to finish

Gift Certificates
Promo Codes
Waiver eSignatures
Employee Accounts
Add-ons & Upgrades

Integrate with your favorite tools

We integrated with some of the biggest technology companies so you can run your business your way.

TrackHero powers thousands of events and vehicles for some of the biggest manufacturers in the world.

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